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  • Cecil,
    I'm asking this as a favor for Geoge B's wife Kathy. She said you requested a CD of thevideos that were shown at the reunion. She doesn't have your address. Is it possible to post it here and I'll get it to her so she can send you the CD?
    Cecil - As you my already know I did buy a shamrock thursday. Its a 88 preditor. Will be hauling it up there around May 4-5th. Need a place to park it. Can't keep it at the house(against restrictions) and don't have room at the dock right now. Do you know of any good/cheap places?? Also, it needs manifolds and risers. Is there a mechanic in the area that you trust or do you do your own work?? My experiences in the area have been very mixed. Had a guy named George coming to the house, but he just quit answering his phone. Used Jeff at Intercoastal Marine before that and had mixed results - they're now gone. Last used Charlie Perry to do work on my 27' Tiara, but his yard is basicly for boats that need to be hauled I think. Thanks for any info. Ken
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