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  1. ftu209
    ftu209 Leprechaun
    Pete i signed up for the supporting skipper program i got my sticker but my description still says well known member I send my wife’s pay pal account did i do something wrong.
  2. deputyrpa
    deputyrpa Damon
    Hi Damon!

    I like the Mack for sale that you just posted. I have always wanted a bigger boat - I like the 26 HT and my wife likes the Mack. The problem is trailerability. How much does your Mack and trailer weigh? Thanks.
    1. Damon
      I don't have a trailer for mine. With full tanks, added accessories, and gear, I would figure no less than 7,500 lbs, plus whatever the trailer weighs.

      If you can swing it, I'd get it and not look back (as long as there is not a lot of hours on it).
      Aug 5, 2020
    2. deputyrpa
      Wow. That's a lot of boat to tow! My wife wants me to wait a year or two. She likes our little 20er.
      Aug 5, 2020
  3. Ken Green
    Ken Green
    Got a 2001 246 Open and finally got to put it in the water. Yeeeuup...Woodogie
  4. Ken Green
    Ken Green
    Got a 2001 249 Open and finally got to put it in the water.
  5. IntotheBlue
    Working on several small projects so I can go fishing
  6. maggie5
    maggie5 petertr3
    Hi just looking at your canvas looks great, I have a 88 cuddy and would like to put something similar were can I have it made and what would be the best fabric to use thanks Jeff
  7. Rick Bynum
    Rick Bynum Nay
    Thought you could help me out. I have on my 20 Pilot House project. The Pilot house is unattached as well as the top deck from the hull. I am getting ready to paint (Interlux roll and tip) and wondering if I need to apply a sealant to the top deck when I screw in the rub-rail.
    1. Do I apply a sealant to the top deck where the upper hull is attached.
    Thank you.
    Rick Bynum
  8. issa_cadirac
    Looks like I've found the Shamrock in which I can shovel money.
  9. Edgar Ortiz
    Edgar Ortiz
    New to the site!!!
  10. Roy
    Roy Jdawg26stalker87
    jdawg, I see that you asked questions about trailering etc. for the 260 Express. Any questions you couldn't get answered I'd be happy to give it a shot, I have a 2001 260 Express that I bought new. I am also considering selling my 260 Express if you have any interest. I live in Maine.
    Feel free to call me. 1-207-563-6634