About Shamrock Boats

About Shamrock Boats

If you are looking for a seaworthy, no nonsense fishing vessel that is fuel efficient and possible to self-maintain, look no further than The Classic!

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Why Shamrock and Why FTC? – From fishtheclassic.net founder Gavin Sneed

Welcome Shamrock owners, potential owners & those just curious to find out more about vessels under 30 feet with straight inboards. This is the only place to find a wealth of information on the Shamrock single inboard boats from the owners themselves, and who better to ask than the one behind the wheel?

I used to fish commercially, and doing so showed me how versatile, inexpensive & reliable it could be to own a boat if it had a straight inboard engine. Outboards have their place, just not in THIS place! I was searching for a boat that I could feel very comfortable taking my family offshore with, and be able to relax. I looked at many vessels, all the time hoping to find one with a straight inboard that I could afford that wasn’t a custom wood boat. I stumbled across the Shamrock line, & I am currently on my 2nd one. Simply put: Nice boat. No gas guzzler, no oil to mix, stable platform, pulls skiiers and raises fish.

What more could you ask for?

My name is Gavin Sneed & I live in the Raleigh/Durham area of NC. I am an offshore junkie, and you can usually find me down in Hatteras chasing whatever is running. Please do post your comments & share your stories. We would all like to hear them. We are quite the friendly crowd here, and we are all willing to help/share information. That’s the principal of this board, is to help each other enjoy what we consider to be the vessel that is truly the smarter choice in a practical, long term love affair on the water. Stick around, and do post your opinions/responses.

List of Shamrock Boat Models. 1976 through 2003

This list was created and maintained by member Damon with the contribution of our members. Click here to view the original forum thread.

-17 Center Console (keel drive): 84
-17 Open Fish (keel drive): 85-88
-196 Cuddy Cabin (keel drive): 91-93
-196 Open Fish (keel drive): 91-93
-196 Pilothouse (keel drive): 91, 93
-20 Cuddy (keel drive): 76-79
-20 Cuddy Cabin (keel drive): 80-91
-20 Open (keel drive): 76, 98-00
-20 Fish (keel drive): 77
-20 Center Console (keel drive): 79-84
-20 Open Fish (keel drive): 78, 85-97
-20 RNBT (keel drive): 77
-20 Walk-Thru (keel drive): 78-90
-20 Pilothouse (keel drive): 79-88, 90, 97-99
-20 Con-Walk (keel drive): 79-89
-20 Stalker (keel drive): 87-90
-20 Predator (keel drive): 88-95
-20 Reef Runner (keel drive??): 90
-20 Renegade (keel drive): 91-93
-20 Warrior WA (keel drive): 91-93
-20 WalkAround (keel drive): 94-99
-219 Grand Slam Open (SPII drive): 98
-219 Open (SPII drive): 99-02
-219 Walkaround (SPII drive): 99-03
-219 Grand Slam WA (SPII drive): 98
-22 Cuddy Cabin (keel drive): 89-91, 96
-22 Cuddy (keel drive): 98, 00-03
-22 Predator (keel drive): 89-93
-22 Stalker (keel drive): 89-95, 97
-22 Renegade (keel drive): 91-95
-22 Open Fish (keel drive): 91-95, 97
-22 Warrior WA (keel drive): 91-93
-22 Walkaround (keel drive): 94-98, 00-03
-22 Express Fish (keel drive): 94-95
-22 Open (keel drive): 98, 00-03
-24 Grand Slam (twin inboards): 93-94
-246 Open (SPII drive): 97-03
-246 Walkaround (SPII drive): 97-03
-26 Center Console (keel drive): 80-84
-26 Open Fish (keel drive): 85-93
-26 Open (keel drive): 97-99
-26 Cuddy Hardtop (keel drive): 85-86
-26 Hardtop (keel drive): 86-89
-26 Mackinaw (keel drive): 90-99
-26 Con-Walk (keel drive): 87, 89
-26 Stalker (keel drive): 87-95, 97
-26 Predator (keel drive): 88-93
-26 Cuddy Cabin (keel drive): 82-93, 96
-26 Reef Runner (keel drive): 90
-26 Pilothouse (keel drive): 80-88, 90-91, 93
-26 Commercial Pilothouse (keel drive): 85-87, 90-91, 93
-26 Express (keel drive): 94-03
-270 Mackinaw (SPII drive): 00-03
-270 Open (SPII drive): 00-03
-29 Walkaround (twin inboards): 99-03
-29 Offshore (twin inboards): 03
-31 Grand Slam (twin inboards): 87-94



Shamrock Boats was founded in 1971, by George Boynton


The Shamrock 260 was introduced


The 26 Mackinaw is introduced