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    Okay, so you're getting tired of chasing electrical faults on your boat, eh? Well I was too. My boat is 19 years old, and not getting any younger.
    After looking behind the control panel at the rats nest of wires, I had had enough. No more corrosion! I asked a few folks on the board and was given Luke Donat's name. Everyone I spoke to, had nothing but kind words to say about his work, and his personality. After reading his web page for a couple days, I picked up the horn & called him. First & foremost, he was a marine, and he has a degree in electronic engineering. I met him at his shop on a very rainy morning, and from the minute he stepped on the boat, he was already suggesting changes. I liked what he was suggesting for sure.
    He showed me some of his work on other boats in his shop, and his neighbors shop. I was impressed, big time. The attention to detail, and neatness of the work he did led me to say "Write it up". Absolutely the best decision I made, IMHO. Luke sent me photos of his progress, and called me several times to ask questions, and get my opinion on his ideas. He was awesome. A very generous & kind person, and very obviously cares about not only you, but his work. He's welcome at my dinner table anyday. He did a first class, professional job. Give Luke a call, you'll be in very good hands. I can't thank him enough. Now if I could just drag his butt out of his shop long enough to take him fishin….

    Luke Donat: 910-200-9331
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