26ft sea warrior xlc cuddy 10000$

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    The history of your boat gets a little more interesting....

    The MIC of the HIN you posted comes back to the company below. One of its names was the same corporate name as I posted the other day, "SEA WARRIOR MARINE". As you can see, the company went through five name changes and went out of business in 1992. As the USCG will not issue MICs to unrelated companies with the same corporate name, I would think there was some relationship between the two. None the less, an interesting boat of unknown pedigree. As I mentioned, based on the photos you posted, there is nothing that even remotely suggests that she was set up for SAR or dive operations. Aothers said, $10,000.00 is truly an unrealistic starting point. Perhaps you should consider listing her on eBay with a reserve that you are comfortable with and see where she goes.

    Good luck with the sale.


    MIC: CF2 Status: Inactive
    Company: VALKYRIE MARINE Company Official: CROSTON, DAVID
    Parent Company: Parent MIC:
    Previous Company 1:
    Previous Company 2: ODIN BOATS
    Previous Company 3: CAPE FIBERGLASS
    Previous Company 4: SEA WARRIOR MARINE
    Address: PO BOX 1409 City: FRANKLIN
    State: NC Zip: 28734
    Country: Phone: 7945248433
    Fax: In Business: 10/29/1981
    Out of Business: 1/4/1992 Date Modified: 8/4/1995
    Type: Outboards, Open Motorboats, Jon Boats
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    Nice info Surveyor.

    regards Holty
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    Welcome to South Carolina, where everyone thinks their boat is a super special boat and extra valuable...
    The prices people ask for boats in this area is completely asinine. Even for "boats" that should be heading to the landfill to meet the 'dozer
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    The name Dave Croston sounds awfully familiar. There used to be a fella by that name that worked at Shamrock around the latter part of the 70's and was a laminator and assembler. His wife (Diane?) also worked there I think as a laminator.
    I had heard they had left Shamrock to start their own boat company called "Cimmaron" making a version of the 20 with a flatter bottom for trap type fishing. IIRC they built to speculation so there were a very small number around. They appeared to be fairly well built and along the lines of"Privateer" or "McKeeCraft".
    Cape Craft was a short lived outfit out of Pine Island, FL that was formed by some past Shamrock investors and ex-employees. It could have been that David had control of that company for a time.
    Anyway, if they are who I'm thinking they are, they were very good builders and really wanted to get their own company going.
    It would be nice if they are cult members here and can add some history.

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