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    Default Aluminum window frames - Painting

    My aluminum window frames are pitted with corrosion. I have them stripped of all parts and glass. What/how do you reccomend that I refinish them. I would like to paint them black. what chemicals can be used to clean them up - can I sand them like wood???? Any reccomendations on type of paint?? thanks for your input - Ken
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    They are probably hard, clear anodized and it has broken down in the pitted areas. I'm not sure how well paint would stick to the anodizing so you'd probably have to chemically remove it before continuing.

    I think there are a couple guys here who have metal finishing experience and may know exactly what needs to be done to prep the frames.
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    Have a set of lee's outriggers that I sanded and used a etching primer,then a spray the was the be used on the primer........It worked,holding up OK... But I would not suggested it because if the paint is scratched it chips off real easy......3m products..................I don't think painting aluminum is a DIY project....My $.02
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    I would use Awlgrip or Interthane. Sherwin Williams makes a one part system, but from what I have seen it doesn't hold up as well. It actually is harder to apply.

    Greg is right about chipping. But if you want to paint it I would use one of the 2 part epoxys mentioned. Where I work we paint aluminum boats all day and you can get good results rolling and tipping. We never use an etching primer, just the standard primer used with whatever paint you are using. I painted my Shamrock fiberglass with Interthane and I like the results. Maybe a clearcoat afterwards would help. Might also help to fair any pock marks beforehand.

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    For the amount of work involved in removing them and re-installing I would take them to a local place that does powdercoating. Get a quote from them. You will have many choices in color and it will last longer than any finish that can be self applied.

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    Powdercoating was my plan also. I spoke to the owner of that business and he felt it could be a viable route for my window frames. He had not tried the procedure, and I have yet to try it out. Taking the frame off the boat would be a 6 beer job. Someday....
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    Powdercoat or for the normal consumer, use Interlux Perfection 2-part. Check out Interlux's website for complete process for cleaning, priming, painting aluminum. I would use a HVLP detail sprayer. You could probably actually get away with a preval sprayer as well.
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