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    1. Bushmanj85
      Hi Fish Witch, I just had a company ask me to interview for a job in Anchorage, and I was wondering if you think my 220WA would be a good boat up there? I guess my plan would be to fish whittier and homer on the weekends, but do you think its too small? or should I invest in a mackinaw like yours?
      1. Fish Witch
        Fish Witch
        Bushman - It depends on what you want to do, day trips when you can pick your weather or spend a weekend out on it. A cabin for overnights is really nice in PWS when chasing the salmon or shrimp. Glad to help any way I can. You can email me at for more info.
        Feb 14, 2018
    2. iVinny
      Fish Witch, I'm new here. Just bought a 260 Express & am rigging it to bring up to AK, where I'm from. I have some very AK-specific questions, how can I PM you? Would you mind?
    3. seadevil
      i haven't got around to pulling the a/c gear out yet but will do it when i get back to Canada,i don't have a trolling valve and she pulls the gear a bit fast for most salmon,longer leaders slow the action a bit but i feel a bit naked with out my trusty 9.9 hanging off the back, so i have to address that issue boat came from florida and has no swim platform.i will fab an aluminium one with kicker mount and hope my auto pilot will still keep it under control.looks a bit tricky to get at the transom to mount the swim platform but i will figure something out.i just got the boat in august but managed to put 85 hrs. on it in 3 weeks that i was home.i really like the torque of the diesel,it's like a last boat had a stroked small block Chevy on an Arneson drive and the shamrock is much more manageable offshore.very comfy and i don't have to play the throttle to keep from getting airborne.i will try and figure out the message thing also.
    4. Fish Witch
      Fish Witch
      Seadevil - I can't figure out how to send you a PM or reply to this so hope you check my messages for a reply. I haven't installed an Espar yet but thinking hard about it. I'm also interested in how hard it is to pull the AC, and if you have any luck selling yours as I'm in the same boat so to speak. Hope we can connect and welcome to the forum!
    5. seadevil
      good morning,i am pretty new to this forum,i just bought myself an 03 came with the a/c unit installed.i live on vancouver island and have no use for a/c i am planning on ripping it out and going with an espar.i see you mentioned you had a circulating heater which works well but not so good at idle or when the main is off obviously makes no heat.did you end up putting the espar/webasto in?if so where did you end up installing it?i plan on using the boat through the winter for a bit of cruising and crab and prawn fishing and the odd overnight adventure.the espar seems like the hot ticket.cheers ian
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