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Dave, Check your inbox. My reply had too many characters to post here. Jan 22, 2017

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    1. mako2
      Hi Damon,

      I know you have a lot on your plate with the rebuild. I was wondering if you did a wiring diagram for your project or are you doing it on the fly. Hope Your making good progress.

      1. Damon
        Not yet. I plan to do a detailed wiring diagram and start a new post on it soon. My goal is to complete the wiring before the end of February and buy the motor in early March.
        Jan 29, 2018
    2. Damon
      Dave, Check your inbox. My reply had too many characters to post here.
    3. Clover Rover
      Clover Rover
      Hey Damon. I'm looking to block up my 26' from the trailer and remembered a post that you did years ago using crib boxes. I found the post but the pictures are no longer available. I know it was 16" 2 x 4s but how many per layer? do you recall? Thanks, Dave
      1. Damon
        Dave, Check your inbox. My reply had too many characters to post here.
        Jan 22, 2017
    4. refugio
      Hello, I am currently looking to replace the 351 Inmar (1994) engine in my 26' shamrock. I was referred to your name here, by another member of this group. If you have any information about a engine replacement I would appreciate a number so I can contact you and discuss it. Thank you. Refugio
    5. Rustman
      Damon please give me a number I can contact you at some we can talk about the engine. I live in Irvine so it would be pretty easy to come down. Have a great 4th. My number is 714 306 0992.

      Thanks, Rusty
    6. Damon

      Sorry for not responding sooner. I have not been on this site for months.

      I love the Acme 16 x 14 3-blade! I am making 4400 RPMs WOT. The boat is more responsive and performs better in the higher RPM range. Fully loaded down, my best cruising RPM is 3250 running 17 knots, burning around 10 GPH in open ocean. Not bad for a weighted down Mack! I stilll need to test the 15 x 14.25 4-blade I still have in the box. When I have the diver switch out the prop for the 4-blade, do you want to try out the Acme 16 x 14 3-blade?

    7. Rumblefish
      Hi Damon, I just wanted to thank you for the propeller performance stats. I plan to keep with the standard 16X17 on my 26 STALKER unless change is worth it. Have you nailed down a perfect prop for your boat that helps the fuel economy on the way out and still gives the speed for the run back in? I think we are looking for the same performance for our offshore fishing trips here in California. Thanx again....Alan S.
    8. Damon

      We have no plans to do a FishFest this year. The last couple of years have been dismal. However, I would be up for a local Shamrock get together sometime in September!
    9. lwarden
      Hey Damon,
      Are you planning a fish fest this year? Finally got my boat into decent shape to fish offshore.

      Also, got a request from the folks putting Bayfest on in September that they need some folks with boats to do patrols. It has some perks with it including free passes and the abiliy to stay on the race grounds. I was passing the word and was going to contact the others locally.

      Let me know if you are interested and Ill pass on the info. Sent you and the others in SD a friend request to keep in touch.

    10. Rumblefish
      Hi Damon. I lost contact info for Ron Koons ??? The guy who made my swim step. A boat came down on the back of it and I now have about a 4" crack in it. It was not rigid enough to begin with and flexed too much. If you can send me his contact info, it would be great. Hope all is well. Alan Schlange (RUMBLEFISH)
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