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  1. Dave Snyder
    Dave Snyder Skagitnative
    Matt gave me a call yesterday. He was going to tell Jay about the boat. I assume you all know each other. Dave
  2. curtis murphy
  3. redneck
    redneck Shamrock246?
    I paid about $5,400 for the trailer.
  4. Hwoodturners
    Well, today I became the owner of a 1988 Shamrock ☘️ 20’ Walk Through. She looks good, but right away, I need to replace the steering rack.
  5. Hwoodturners
    Looked at a 1988 20’ walk through last week. Nice boat w/trailer, good price. Cleared with my wife, I decided to Do it! Finalizing tomorrow!
  6. fourcs
    fourcs Stocks&Blondes
    My 1985 20' cuddy is still for sale . I'm in Ocala FL. now the boat is in Maine .
  7. Quik Fix
    Quik Fix Freedom40
    2 websites are better than one. Join us on, answer to any question you may have is here with no advertising and friendly people. We are the Shamrock God Guys site.
  8. Stocks&Blondes
    Stocks&Blondes fourcs
    Happy New Year! If your boat is still for sale please give me a call. 561-314-8568. Thank you, Tim.
  9. 17'shammy
    17'shammy IntotheBlue
    I like what you've done with the canvas on your 17,
    Can you tell me something about it?
  10. Banshee101
    Reside in Destin FL.
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