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  1. Thanxunk
    Looking for some input... I need to replace the engine on my 1985 28.5 foot cutty cabin! Any recommendations, experiences , etc???
  2. Al Lee
    Al Lee
    We frequently cruise San Francisco Bay and Sacrament Delta in our 26' cuddy.
  3. steve cate
  4. acestar
    Shammy & Yanmar...
  5. Danrock
    Danrock FinSeeka
    I guess my question is what is bottom dollar and would you be willing to box up and drop off at the nearest Grey Hound Station? Grey Hound Shipping is the cheapest shipping method for large packages?
    1. FinSeeka
      200. boxed, you pay shipping
      Aug 26, 2019
  6. FinSeeka
    FinSeeka Danrock
    i'll take a look if your interested, they've been in storage
  7. BButler
    BButler Mistress
    Mistress, I sense ur a 6BT Mackinaw owner that leave their boat in the water. I have a '99 Mac 6bt with 1200 hours. 3 years ago it performed as designed 2600+ rpm WOT. Gradually I'm losing WOT RPM under load. I believe its from water weight gain. I'm going to reprop the boat to get back to 2600 RPM WOT. I believe the engine is fine. Have you had to change pitch over time to keep from lugging the engine?
  8. huntinfish
    huntinfish redneck
    Just pulled the boat this morning and downloaded the app iNstall on my phone and checked my deadrise by my in hull transducer. The app said I had a 14 deg. I dont have any mount blocks on my hull. So thank you for looking.
    1. redneck
      There glassed into the hull right behind the front bulkhead in the engine compartment.
      Aug 17, 2019
  9. huntinfish
    huntinfish redneck
    I wanted to get chirp in a transducer. So this is the reason I am going this way. Chirp up front and side scan aft.
  10. huntinfish
    huntinfish redneck
    I was going with twin through hull transducers for side scan and down Image. So now I will go back to a flush mount through hull transducer and a skimmer on the transom that will give me sidescan and down image. Now I will have to pull the boat out of the water and get the deadrise for the chirp transducer. Ps do you know the deadrise on a 1999 246 cc walk around? Cant find this info on the internet!!
    1. redneck
      I'm not sure what the deadrise is. I might have time this weekend to measure it since mine is a trailer queen. Don't hesitate to post up any questions it's a very friendly site and don't mind helping out at all.
      Aug 17, 2019
    2. redneck
      The dead rise looks like 18 ish deg in that area in front of the engine where the put the mount blocks for the transducer's
      Aug 17, 2019
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