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  1. Alvette2003
    Transmission leak is being fixed, had to make a special tool to remove the rear flange nut. Bolsters are being made and looking fine.
  2. Philip Karow
    Philip Karow
    290WA A/C unit size 12000 BTU?
  3. Philip Karow
    Philip Karow
    1999 290WA cored or solid Hull
  4. Hank Eldridge
    Hank Eldridge
    Shamrock 1985 Cuddy Cabin 20ft Ford 302 FWC
  5. Ben
    1973 Shamrock 20' center console "Good Vibrations"
  6. fishineer
    fishineer Hide Out
    Hide Out,
    I am thinking about selling a 1990 22 Predator. It is in excellent condition. I also have 20 center console. I really like both, but only need one. Call me if you would like to discuss.
    Wilmington, NC
  7. fishineer
    fishineer Bargainh2osports
    You may call me at 9106204200.
  8. fishineer
    fishineer Bargainh2osports
    I am interested in purchasing the rudder cover on inside of transom. $50 plus I pay for shipping?
  9. redneck
    redneck acestar
    I don't have the CE form in my documents. But in the owners manual they have a page called Certifications&Specifications (for export only) it's blank not sure who would fill it in.

    Not sure if this helps
    1. acestar
      Thank's for the info.
      Jun 7, 2019
  10. fishineer
    fishineer Motion to Strike
    Nice 17 footer. I have a 22 Predator with white and gray hull. The white stripe above the black stripe looks great - may add one to ours. Also have a 1976 20 center console that needs some work. I would appreciate knowing your asking price to help me establish an approximation of the value of 20 footer if I restore it. Good luck with selling yours.
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