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  1. NDaniels
    'Bundinn er bátlaus maðu', 'Bound is a boatless man' - old viking proverb.
  2. Jon Bachman
    Jon Bachman Hooper
    Hooper. Thanks for the reply. I've looked on Facebook but am not familiar with where I would find Shamrock's listed for sale. Is there a URL / link you could share to help me see what you're seeing? Thanks again.
  3. Alvette2003
    I am on vacation until May 2019. I purchased a brand new 5.7 MPI from Michigan Motorz. It is in the boat, but not bolted in yet.
  4. crhodes
    crhodes bbadmin
  5. Ship
    Jerry has a bone yard he is cleaning out but again most are older boats. Check them out.
  6. Ship
    They are for older boats. Not sure if the one you are looking for is among them
  7. Ship
    Jerry aka Quik Fix just sent the molds he had over to Richard Sheppard, Action Supply.
  8. fyrbill
    fyrbill Ship
    Hi Ship looking for the temptress rudder hatch 41432 -IVY
    Any idea where I can pick one up. Thanks bill
  9. Sloppy Joe
    Sloppy Joe Pequod
    I noticed some cracking were the t top is attached to the floor what would be the best way to repair is the floor wood or composite I really like the boat runs well not sure the condition of the tanks the boat is a 97 is there a easy way to figure out if the tanks are still in good shape I have never owned a fiberglass boat so I have a lot of questions thanks for any info I’ll be asking a lot more
  10. Sloppy Joe
    Sloppy Joe Pequod
    Just bought a 246 open any information would be greatly appreciated
    1. Pequod
      What questions would you like answered?
      Jan 17, 2019
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