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  1. X-Bones Towing & Recovery
  2. seatux
    seatux Ken Green
    Hi Ken...
    Fill in your profile a bit...
    Like where do you live?
    You referred to fishing in the Gulf of Mexico...but that doesnt narrow down where your home port is!
    As for skiing...I used to do a lot of it, and the Nautique was KING ( spelling , I;m Sure!)
    1. Ken Green
      Ken Green
      We really only go to Gulf Shores..My next door neighbor has a place in Destin..He says we're going fishing..but All my toys stay on Lake Martin
      Nov 12, 2018
  3. Rob Gillaspie
    Rob Gillaspie X-Bones Towing & Recovery
    kinda tuff uploading pics.... I would love for you to look at my injector pump
  4. JulieH
    JulieH Patrick Keane
    Hi Patrick, just wanted to let you know Kurt had some health issues a few years back and the last I heard he was not able to type to use the computer but was still reading the forum. I saw your recent question to him about trailering.
  5. JT3
    Love my Shammy
  6. fishinut608
    fishinut608 moe4140 the 17cc shamrock still for sale?
  7. mako2
    mako2 S0uthernrebel78
    I remember a while back you had a post saying you switched over to hydraulic steering. Was curious as to how big of a project it was and if you are happy with it.

    1. S0uthernrebel78
      It wasn’t that hard to do, i even bled it manually, you just need to take the time to make sure you lay it all out and take your time
      Sep 4, 2018
  8. NICK R
    NICK R
    have a 2004 29' shamrock express with twin 315 yanmar 6lpa-stp engines.i need a fuel flow system for my boat. any suggestions
  9. NICK R
    NICK R
    I have a 2004 29' shamrock express with thine 315 yanmar 6lpa-stp
  10. Rumblefish
    Sell, buy... No, Buy Then Sell.